Why I refuse to travel to the USA

This is a collection of background articles and videos that illustrate my rationale for not wanting to travel to the USA or use a flight that is scheduled to land there to refuel. Or a flight that would have to land in the USA in case of an emergency. Or a plane that enters the USA area of forward defense (apparently Canada, Mesoamerica and the Caribbean).

Techdirt: How The TSA’s Security Theater Harms Us All
The Independent: Planning a trip to Canada or the Caribbean? US Immigration may have other ideas…
The Register: Busted in the US? ‘Drop your trousers, sir’
Another TSA Video To Make Your Blood Boil
U.S. government begins asking foreign travelers about social media I have no such account, so I’m suspicious.
Münchner Ehepaar darf nicht nach Kuba - und keiner weiß warum
Government May ‘Seize’ Citizens’ Fingerprints To Unlock Apple Devices, Federal Court Rules
Flugreisen in die USA: Mit Befragungen ist zu rechnen
US-Grenzschützer durchsuchen mehr elektronische Geräte als je zuvor
Extreme vetting: State Department to demand tourists’ social media history
US-Behörde TSA will massenhafte Gesichtserkennung einführen
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says photos of travelers were taken in a data breach
TSA’s Expensive Scanners Can’t Figure Out Afros Or Turbans, So Guess Who’s Getting Searched More Often
Incoming Harvard Freshman Deported After Visa Revoked

Or maybe just because the USA are becoming a place nobody wants to be.
The Washington Post: Stop and seize
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture, Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required, Impact of New Federal Budget on Asset Forfeiture Program
Supreme Court: It’s OK for Cops to Guess Wrong About What the Law Is
The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it
Court: US seizure of Kim Dotcom’s millions and 4 jet skis will stand
NYPD Has No Idea How Much Cash It Seized, Claims Transparency Would Lead to “System Crashes”
USA: Riskante Begegnungen mit der Polizei
Amerika in Angst — Fürchtet euch
Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Notruf gewählt, von Polizei erschossen
Man dies after being shot by Wichita officer investigating possible homicide Background: Kansas Man Killed In ‘SWATting’ Attack
“Get Out of Jail Free” Cards
Police officer fired for not shooting black suspect wins $175,000 (Not because of the court ruling, because of the firing for refusing to fire.)
Immigration Courts: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Especially as a foreign resident.)
Utah Man Shot and Killed While Complying with Police Commands to Show His Hands
Mit Sicherheit ohne “Migrationshintergrund”
Police Broke Into Chelsea Manning’s Home with Guns Drawn — in a “Wellness Check” Welfare checks like this, usually prompted by calls placed to 911 by concerned friends or family, too often end with police harming — or even killing — the person they were dispatched to check on.
Sheriff: Deputy sexually assaulted child, threatened undocumented mom if she reported it
Rat invasion discovered at historic Los Angeles City Hall amid city typhus outbreak
Vierjährige klaut Puppe - Polizei droht mit Kopfschuss
Amnesty International: Travel Advisory: United States of America
Georgia Southern QB says false-positive field test showed bird droppings as cocaine
O Oberlin, My Oberlin
Three Fresno cops accused of stealing $225K are ‘immune’ from suit, appeals court says
Pennsylvania Family Arrested For Loitering Outside Of Their Own Home

Or maybe because it has been for a long time.
The Police Are Still Out of Control
Inside the Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns

Definitely a place nobody wants to use an airport.
The TSA’s FAST Personality Screening Program Violates the Fourth Amendment

Or have to take treatment in a hospital.
When the Hospital Fires the Bullet
I Needed Treatment, Not Judgment From My Catholic Hospital

More to come when I find good articles.

Just in case: Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border: Protecting the Data On Your Devices and In the Cloud by the EFF.